• Wendy Lee Johnson

Time for a Little Fun

What if losing weight or going to work or being with your family was a little more fun? How would that change things for you? You’re meant to have joy in this life and you may have lost sight of that.

“If It’s Not Fun, Forget It”

I have a coach and this is totally her motto. She doesn’t assume every moment of her life is packed with fun. Instead, she gives her brain the work of constantly looking for ways to make even the mundane more enjoyable.

My mom used to do something she picked up from her mom, who was an amazing cook. If she was tired in the evening and still had dinner to prepare, she would pretend she was on a cooking show. It worked for her.

What ever question you give your brain, it solves for

Questions that might not be serving you:

  • Why is this so hard?

  • How can I make it through this?

  • Why can't I eat all the things like everyone else?

  • Why me?

  • When will this end?

When you look ahead to pick out the “stressors” coming up in your week, your brain begins looking for evidence of how stressful it's going to be. Then you commiserate with your friends and family, looking for additional proof of how tough or awful it will be. Your brain is proving your thoughts.

Here are some of the most common things my clients are struggling to enjoy:

  • Family get togethers

  • Last minute getaway

  • Regular work day

  • Eating out with friends

  • Adult children

  • Weddings

What we focus on grows

How often do you hear complaints about a trip to Hawaii or what happened at Sunday supper? Of course life is going to be 50/50, even in "paradise." Why do we love to talk about how hard life is? Because we get validation for how tough the row is that we're hoeing. We feel more justified for feeling so bad. But does it really serve? Remember, what we focus on grows. What do you want to enlarge in your life with your focus? Take a peek at your thoughts and see if your catastrophizing ahead of time. Listen to what you say and see if you're complaining or murmuring.

Your brain is brilliant at solving

It evens works in your sleep. I recommend giving it the question, “How can I make this more fun?” Let your brain come up with ways to lighten your day and find more reasons to celebrate or laugh.

Tiger and her Uno

My mom always had a deck of Uno cards on her. They were in a special leather pouch that also contained a lucky stone. Even as teenagers, my kids would love to play a quick a quick game with “Tiger” and enjoy some lively banter. Adding more play to your day is a fabulous way to remember that being serious or critical is not the only way. See how you feel when you add in little moments of pleasure. See what serves you better.

What Play Can Bring to You

  • Staying present instead of spun up

  • A lighter heart and a lighter approach

  • Looking for and creating ha ha’s every day

  • Refocusing your brain on how to have fun

  • Relief from the drudge we create with our thoughts

Schedule time to play or ad-lib in the moment

I like to ask myself, “How can I relax and enjoy this a couple of clicks more?” Try new ideas. I was raised in the disco era, so an impromptu dance party is my go-to. And boy, do people love it. So much fun in only 3 minutes. I always end up winded and laughing. It's the best.

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