• Wendy Lee Johnson

The Path is Spiral not Linear

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

You have success and spiral up. Soon your find yourself back almost where you started. The key word is almost. Maybe you touch down with a little more compassion. Possibly you see your choices a little earlier and with a little more awareness.

What If Circling Back Was Expected?

It seems like the fastest way from point A to point B is a direct line. When you’re trying to change your identity or your weight or both, that just isn’t the way it goes.

Maybe you have tried for changes in your life and actually got some traction only to find yourself doing the same thing you said you wouldn’t.

The interesting piece is that most often you experience a petite win, but are unable see it. The reason it’s invisible is that you’re busy focusing on the linear path and how badly you've blown it.

The Linear Path

Your belief in the linear path makes your journey seem like one mess up after another. Wouldn't it be amazing if you expected the spiral up and anticipated the touch back down. You weren't expecting this to be the time you “conquered” the old behavior.

One of my boys got engaged last weekend. It was a fabulous opportunity for me to allow him space to make his own decisions. The old me would’ve shown up with judgment and plenty of advice. I was compassionate with myself when I delivered some pointed questions and fussed internally. For the most part, I could feel myself leveling up a bit. Next week I might be back down at ground zero, but probably with a little softer view of myself. Hero to hot mess is now on the menu.

A Spiral Path Brings Relief

  • You don’t need to beat yourself up anymore when you cycle back around

  • You look for and celebrate the 1% gains and a slightly softer touch down

  • You see events differently

There's No Rush and No Timeline With a Spiral Journey.

You just take things as they come and realize that "amazing" doesn't happen all at once. You hold space for returning to old ways and be gentle and loving as you coax your thoughts back on track and up the next coil.

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