• Wendy Lee Johnson

Meet Gigi, my Future Self

Your brain is wired to look to your past to decide what you are capable of. It wants evidence. Unfortunately, being past focused keeps you in the same loop. You simply repeat your past. If you want something different for your life, you need to look to the future.

Looking to the Past

What if you truly want to lose weight, let’s say 20 pounds. Your brain will start filing through past experiences, looking for how that’s gone in the past. Maybe it sees how 5 years ago you lost 7 pounds, and then the holidays came along. You gained it all back and quit the plan. Possibly your brain is reminding you of the Keto plan where you dropped 15 and then slowly it crept back on. All the while, you are trying to feel optimistic and motivated, but your brain is building a case otherwise.

Becoming Future Focused

What if your success has to do more with changes you have never made before.
  • Rather than dieting, it involves small shifts in lifestyle

  • When you feel stress, you decide to allow it rather than eat about it

  • You no longer look for quick results on the scale, but rather slow shifts in how you feel about yourself

  • You are aware of how you feel rather than tuning out

  • You eat when you are hungry and stop when satisfied

This is new. It's where you're headed. It’s time to give your brain something to look forward to. It's time to train your brain to be future focused.

Have Fun With It

I love to visualize my future self. I love thinking about her and writing about her. I do this everyday.

I have even given her a name….it’s Gigi

The better I get to know Gigi, the more I can lean into her. This is how I am changing my approach to food and also how I show up for myself. Here are some things I like to consider.

  • What does Gigi look like and how does she dress?

  • How does she feel at our ideal weight?

  • How are we alike right now?

  • If she was to give me advice, what would it be?

  • How does Gigi show up for herself?

  • If she isn’t perfect, what is she still working on?

Most importantly, I love myself right where I am at. As I look back, I look with fondness at all the previous versions that have gotten me here. They were perfect for then. Presently, I love me, Wendy 3.0. She is the gal that will get me to Gigi.

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