• Wendy Lee Johnson

I Deserve This

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

When those amazing cheesecakes are served at book club or Crumbl cookie shows up at work, my brain starts in on one of its most convincing rants, "I deserve this."

And hey, maybe work was stressful or I'm feeling spun up after a chaotic day or maybe everyone else is eating the cheesecake and I just don’t want to feel left out or deprived.

A more meaningful question is, "What is it I really deserve?"

I take a deep breath, get present and remember what I really want

  • A lifestyle of having my own back

  • A body that feels agile and looks amazing

  • Choices that are aligned with my goals

What I don't want or deserve

  • Joints that feel achey and stiff

  • Giving in to what ever shows up

  • Feeling like I will never get this right

I Highly Recommend a Life-long Love Affair with Yourself

This may sound dramatic, but stay with me. Who doesn’t love to be taken care of, to be sacrificed for, to be really watched over? You don’t need another fair-weather friend. You need someone that truly loves you and is ready to stand back to back with you in any situation. 

Often a quick walk is what I really deserve.

We take good care of ourselves...until we don't. For me, it looks like saying yes too many times to win approval or not taking time to plan and shop for my food, or staying up late to watch a movie when I really wanted to go to yoga in the morning.  Quickly my brain switches to my #2 new rant, "It won't matter, it's just this once."

It Does Matter. It Always Matters.

When you truly love yourself, having your own back becomes non-negotiable. No more choosing the short-term fix. “Life-long” shifts the perspective from in the moment to a true lifestyle change. “Love affair” means you're passionate about this, truly all in. When you really love yourself, you take care of yourself at the highest level. 

The genius part is that you are the one who decides what that looks like for you. I experiment with my food choices, sleep schedules, healthy movement, leisure time, all of the things. I am always refining what a "love affair with me" looks like. I am always fascinated with how different my game plan is from everyone else's. That's exactly as it should be.

This becomes all about loving myself, rather than depriving myself

This shift takes me out of "poor me" mode and right into my future self who is the gal that knows it's not about the short-term gain, but rather the life-long love affair. This is the foundation that permanent weight loss is built on.

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