• Wendy Lee Johnson

A New Thought, "I Am Satisfied"

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Of course you want to feel amazing and brilliant. What about satisfied? What about content?It is never about how much you have, but rather the thoughts you’re having about it.

Who decides if it is enough?

It is you, always you. It is more accurately your thoughts. They create your feelings. You get to decide in your mind if it is enough or not. Your thoughts will generate feelings of satisfied and content, versus needy and deprived.

It is never about how much you have, but rather the thoughts you’re having about it.

Most of the world has a much smaller homes than you and many are perfectly content. You watch people around you eat less food than you do and yet they are completely satisfied. You hear of families in other countries that have almost nothing, but are happy. It is never about how much you have, but rather the thoughts you’re having about it.

The kids came over for dinner last weekend and one couple brought a sweet potato pie from a farmers market. It was small, but looked delicious. They told of the kind man who made it and his care with choosing all the ingredients. It was sliced meticulously so everyone could have a taste. When I looked at my sliver, I had the thought, “I am so excited to try this.” I was delighted and almost satisfied ahead. I wasn’t even sad my piece wasn’t bigger.

Everyone was trying to decide how many seconds in the microwave would make their small portion the most exquisite. I sat down at the table after my 14 seconds and savored every bite, loving the feeling I had created. When the pie was gone, I was satisfied.

I compare that to other times where it felt like no amount of food would give me the satisfaction or contentment I was trying to find.That was because of the thoughts I was thinking. My thoughts were more about volume than savoring. It’s not the food or amount of food that makes the difference, it’s what I am thinking about the food that makes the difference.

How would you like to feel during and after a meal?

  • Satisfied

  • Content

  • Neutral

What are some thoughts that might create this for you?

  • This is enough

  • I am satisfied

  • I will be fine with this portion

If those thoughts don’t feel believable now, here are some more possibilities.

  • I am curious to see if this is enough

  • Maybe this is enough

  • I might be fine with this portion

  • I can try this

Start in a place of curiosity and wonder.

Really you want to be back in the lab and doing your research. You want to be experimenting. If it feels like you’re depriving yourself, you need to shift and try something a bit different. Deprivation and restriction just aren’t the goal anymore. They feel familiar to you, but are feelings that wreak havoc with your long game.

Experiment with curiosity and wonder about your new way. Try on all the thoughts until you find one that works for you. I love, "Maybe this is enough." It leaves my options open. It even sounds like an experiment. Then I am back to math, not drama. I am totally satisfied with that.

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