• Wendy Lee Johnson

Forward is a Pace

Of course we all want fast results. Everyone around us seems to be getting them. We have been taught that big change is the only way to get big results. But is this really the way for permanent weight loss?

Fast-paced weight loss often looks like:

  • A diet that includes math, special products or eliminating a food group

  • A robust exercise plan

  • A big need for willpower

  • Not much middle ground, you're either on or off

  • Big highs and big lows

One client told me she can only stay on a strict diet for 7 pounds or 3 weeks, whichever comes first. For many, these numbers are even smaller.

What I love about coaching women over 50, is that they understand that dieting is truly not the way. During a first session, the most common refrain is, “Just so you know…I am done with dieting.” Most women want to shift from overweight thinking to thin girl thinking. Have you ever watched with wonder as a friend leaves most of an expensive meal uneaten because she is "just not hungry?" Or another friend has a couple bites of a gourmet cookie and just doesn't feel like more? Identity changes like this can take time.

Forward is a Pace

  • Start with small shifts and changes

  • Build up a slow and steady momentum

  • Consistently do B- work and let that be enough

  • No black/white thinking, no quits or on/off

  • Transition out of emotional eating

If I told you your complete transformation could take up to 3 years, would you be all in?

How would it be to...

  • No longer feel out of control around food

  • Eat when you're hungry, stop when approaching satisfied

  • Arrive at a low and naturally healthy weight

  • Maintain your weight with ease and grace

  • No longer have the incessant struggle with food

  • Never go on another diet again

  • Understand what causes your urges

  • Do what you’ve planned when it comes to food

  • Develop a stronger identity

  • Believe in yourself

Forward is Forward

This transformation is all about teaching your brain that there is no race. There is no timeline. This is all about the small changes.

The effects of small habits compound over time. For example, if you can get just 1 percent better each day, you’ll end up with results that are nearly 37 times better after one year. James Clear

Thirty-seven times better focusing on the small stuff? Remarkable. The path IS the goal, meaning get on board the slow boat and stay on it....that's it. Relax and be satisfied with the pace and remember that forward is forward.

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