• Wendy Lee Johnson

Discomfort is the Ticket to Change

I used to tell my kids what the “ticket” was to what they wanted. If they wanted to play after school, I would tell them their “ticket” was being done with their homework. If they wanted to go out that night, their ticket was a clean room.

There is usually a price to be paid or a “ticket” for our dreams.

Discomfort....That's the Ticket

Change and growth happens just outside your comfort zone. This means the ticket to your change or growth IS discomfort. One of my coaches always says, “Discomfort is the currency to your dreams.” When you are working on changing your weight, you are, at the very core, working on changing your identity. You are changing from your current thinking to how your future self thinks.

You are in the process of changing:

  • Who you see yourself as

  • How you show up for yourself

  • Your thoughts about food

  • How you handle your emotions

Of course it is going to feel a bit rough. These are fantastic changes…but as you lean into your future self, it will be uncomfortable. It is definitely outside your comfort zone. What if you expected discomfort, like it was a traveling companion? What if every time you tried to show up different, you knew you would experience some negative emotion?

How would your weight loss journey be different if you expected discomfort and knew it was the ticket to your success?

What emotions have you typically wanted to avoid that you would now be willing to feel to get to your goal?

I had a lunch with friends at Cubby's last weekend. I planned ahead that I would order the Tri-tip Salad (which I love) and that I would pass on the sweet potato fries and the whoopie pies. When my girlfriend ordered the fries with her order I felt so tempted. I could literally feel my desire growing. My brain started in hard on why this would be okay and how we didn't come to Cubby's all that often. Once we were at the table, she placed them between us and said she wanted to share. My discomfort grew. Then a worker came over and dropped off a basket of whoopie pies at our table. A basket at our table??? I chose to stick with my plan and let my brain throw a tantrum. I got to practice allowing want, desire and a little bit of sadness.

This is when sad is actually brilliant.

Nothing Has Gone Wrong

My brain's job is to harass me when I am trying to up level. I get it and now I expect it.

When I feel discomfort, I know I have 2 choices.

  1. Give in to the urge and stay the same ole me

  2. Allow the discomfort and lean into my future self

Both are fine and absolutely part of this journey. I always get to decide if I am ready for change.

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