• Wendy Lee Johnson

Declutter Your Life with Constraint

Updated: Feb 1

When you feel constantly busy and like you've lost control over your time, it's time for some constraint. It's sounds restrictive, but it actually is freeing. Constraint reduces overwhelm.

What is Constraint?

When your life feels out of control or like your schedule is running you or you're doing too much of a good thing, it's time to prioritize. What's the one thing you want to work on? What is most important to you right now? Your brain will try to say this not possible or that it needs 3 things. The secret sauce is in picking one.

Constraint is a limitation or restriction you put on yourself that simplifies your life.

Your Brain

Your brain actually needs direction and supervision. It needs one job, not a hundred jobs. When the brain focuses, it begins to solve and create, instead of staying in decision fatigue and overwhelm mode. It's like holding a magnifying glass in the bright sun. You can automatically feel the heat from the focused rays. Where the energy was spread out, now it's dialed in, hot enough to start a fire.

When you constrain you

  • Gain focus for your mind

  • Put your time and energy where you really want it

  • Practice the skill of self discipline

  • Increase your productivity

  • Release the desire to do "all the things"

Subtract to Simplify

When you constrain to one goal, you will start seeing what you can subtract from your life, even if it is just for awhile. You are decluttering your life. When you don't constrain, your lack of focus is exhausting. It's like trying to clean a messy home where the clutter continues to grow. You are continually making decisions on what to do next, what to eat next, what to listen to next, the list is endless. When you constrain your attention to one thing, you can be laser focused.

Constraint reveals your ability to make a decision and keep to it.

When it gets right down to it, you probably choose to do all the other things because they are easier and possibly more fun.

Experiment with the simplicity and growth constraint brings. When you slip back into doing all the things, refocus your brain and give it the amazing job of solving and creating in one area. You will catch fire.

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