• Wendy Lee Johnson

Commit to the "Play"

How does a team make it to the Super Bowl? They have plays that they practice over and over. In the huddle, they commit to a play and then deliver it with precision, no matter what the obstacles.

What if they didn't have a play book or were only partly committed?

They would be all over the map, just reacting to the opposing team. If they were mostly on board, so much of their focus and commitment and drive would be left to chance. They would never achieve their goal.

It is the same with weight loss. Everyday you need a practical plan for your eating. Simply decide ahead what you will eat for the next 24 hours. Make it simple and doable. Then commit to it. Your brain will try to convince you it’s not the right time or this never works. That’s the job of a human brain, to object to change. Your brain will present all kinds of evidence: it's Super Bowl Sunday, you're crazy busy or your adult children are going off the rails. Turns out, you have all power over you and that’s all you need.

Top 3 Lies You Tell Yourself

I don’t have time to plan

The truth is, planning your meals and snacks takes 5 minutes or less. Once you have been doing it for awhile, it takes closer to 3 minutes. Drop all the food drama and make a plan already. This will actually create more time for you. Now you know what to pull from the freezer. Think of the time it saves standing in front of the fridge or in the pantry thinking, “What do I feel like eating?”

I don’t know what I will be hungry for

Loosely translated, “I want to leave my options open so I can eat for relief, if I feel like it.” When you are actually physically hungry, your practical plan will satisfy. When you ask, “What am I really hungry for?” consider the deeper question, "Do I want to give food the job of making me feel better?" Now we are talking about emotional hunger and not physical hunger.

I have no idea what my schedule’s like today

It’s one of those days where you are on the go. This may mean a plan that involves options and flexibility. You want it to be simple and doable for you. For a lunch with friends, it might include some restaurant choices (your top 3 and what you’ll order there) or a creative option like eating to a +2, including a small dessert. Commit to what you know you can do.

Shooting form the Hip

Your lower brain will always make the case for leaving all your options open. Consider, over your next 20 years where this will take you.

What kind of results do you get when you shoot from the hip?

It gets you right where you are now. Is this what you truly want? If daily planning feels out of reach, make a 1% change that feels doable. Not planning may seem like your truth, but it is not. It is only a thoughts. Be on to yourself.

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