• Wendy Lee Johnson

A Lifelong Love Affair...with Me

It sounds a little like I am dating myself. I am actually finding out what taking care of me really looks like. I am deciding how committed I am to this amazing relationship.


This love affair is all about an extended “get to know you” phase. The relationship doesn’t have to feel rushed. When I stay in the experimenting mindset, I am objective and curious if what I am choosing would be good for me longterm.

All if this is very custom to me. When a friend says something that is working for them, I consider the possibility of trying it out. I look to see if it's a lifestyle change or something that would only be temporary. For me, I only go for the lifestyle changes. Anything that doesn't seem maintainable forever, I don't choose to do anymore. I love that everyone can experiment with what works for them and have their own game plan.

What I am finding works for me

  • Personal Growth: Mindset work, journaling, getting coached, being aware

  • Spirituality: Prayer, study, reflection, opening my heart, ministering

  • Stress Management: Not getting spun up, meditation, aware of thoughts

  • Eating: Low sugar, flour and dairy. Eat when I’m hungry, stop when approaching satisfied

  • Movement: Always some, but don't go crazy. Sweet spot: Yoga, hiking, walking, cycling

  • Sleep: To bed around 10pm, 6.5 - 7 hours seems to be plenty for me

  • Meaningful Connection: More time with loved ones, make new friends

  • Fun and play: Planful about adding in more delight

  • Finances: Budget, plan for the future, intentional about my spending

It’s all about the long game

This isn’t about quick results. It’s about consistent and steady. The more I focus on the long game, the less I fall for immediate gratification. It is all about the 1% changes. I am no longer interested in the big changes that are hard to maintain, just leaning into small changes over time.

I am making these choices out of love. When I am loving up on myself, it doesn’t feel like restriction or making myself do it. I am simply honoring me.

I am sending my 70 year-old self the most amazing gifts a woman could receive.

  • a body that's mobile and lithe

  • amazing health

  • financial stability

  • a clean and clear mind

  • the ability to feel her feelings

  • the confidence she can handle whatever comes up

It’s like you're dating yourself

Who better to have the job of getting to know you and taking care of you? We often give our power away, whether it's eating well or getting enough sleep. What ever shows up, is what we do. Remember how important it is to decide how you will care for yourself over the long haul and get on board with this longterm love affair. When you invest in you, it feels brilliant.

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