What if you

could be at your 

healthiest weight the rest of your life?

Sound impossible?


Probably because you have been relying on dieting, exercise  and willpower to lose or maintain. That plan never lasts!

I get it. Our stories vary, yet I am sure we have many similarities. You want to get the weight off, once and for all and live a life where you're not battling food and struggling with cravings and emotional eating.

  • My story

    Exhausted and frustrated

    I spent most of my life battling the same 20 pounds, over and over. I owned clothing to fit each size. When I got to the heavy end of my closet, I began another restrictive diet or exercise plan to get me back to the skinny end. Weight Watchers, private trainer, Paleo, half marathon, etc. Of course they worked, but not for long. Soon I was back to the heavy end of my closet, feeling lousy and frustrated, thinking excessively about how to lose the weight again.

  • I hired a life coach

    And my change began

    Out of desperation, I hired a life coach and that has changed everything. I found out that it was not so much about the food, but rather my thoughts and feelings that drove me to eat. Turns out I was easing my emotions with food. If I felt stress, anxiety or even excitement, I overate. I learned I was 100% responsible and had 100% power to change.

  • The amazing work

    Coaching is different

    I am excited to share with you what I have learned from healing decades worth of struggle and my training as a life coach. As your life and weight loss coach, I can help you work through the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back and showing up as extra weight on your body. This is all tailored to you and your specific life. You will retrain your brain to stop relying on food to make up for how you feel.

  • If you are ready for change

    Let's work together

    I have great news. It is absolutely possible for you to have the busy life you currently have while effortlessly maintaining your ideal weight permanently. Can you imagine not needing to use food to make yourself feel better after a stressful day? Or having the time and energy to eat right and take care of yourself  and still get the sleep you need? 

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